Hello world!

Hi everyone. 

    Welcome to the Toledo Gazette. A blog that hopefully will interest those from the Toledo Ohio area who share my passion for this region’s history and sense of community. I am hoping to provide a place where those like-minded “Black Swamp” lovers can come to learn a little more about this area’s rich background and the characters that helped shape the region’s identity. Some of what you’ll see and read here are the stories built from yesterday’s news headlines. Those stories that you never learned about in school, those stories that never made it to the history books. What I call the “little” stories that didn’t make it through history’s filter.   As an old news guy myself, I love old news.  And there is plenty of it to go around. A newspaper from 80 years ago is as interesting to me as this morning’s edition.  And frequently, there’s not much difference between them. Only the names and the dates change, but the themes are the same. Fires, murder, weather, tragedy, triumph, business, crime, punishment, and scandal.  It becomes apparent to the lover opf history that our grandparents  and great-grandparents dealt with the same basic narrative of life’s struggle that we do today.  And that interestingly, their stories, like ours of today, played out on the very same streets, roads, rivers, towns and fields of northwest Ohio.  

    I am also eager to take you to places in Northwest Ohio, and Southeast Michigan that you’ve never been before, or show you things like you’ve never seen them before.  Let’s admit it, this area to many eyes, is on the surface, a flat and boring landscape.  It is not exactly a showy or sexy place of mountainous grandeur or breathtaking overlooks.  On the other hand, our earthy blue-collar industrial cityscapes and rural farm fields, do offer a subtle and quiet beauty that far too often gets overlooked and goes unappreciated.  The unspoken beauty of a 300 acre field of ripe golden wheat ready for harvest in July, or an old weathered silver barn standing against the backdrop of an blue autumn sky. Or maybe it’s the raw icy power of a restless winter’s wind moving snow across a frozen lake.  The beauty of our surroundings is frequently like that of people – found beneath the skin.

The goal of the Toledo Gazette will be to bring you the hidden stories and images from our little corner of the world, in hopes that perhaps, they can in some small way help to engender a fresh new appreciation and understanding  of the place we call home.

Hope you enjoy,




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  2. kaylynne50

    nice intro/

  3. L Hetrick

    JUST found this site…love love lovvvvvvvve your writing Lou ♥

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