Toledo Washerwoman Inherits Fortune

    Starting the new year off with some good news, I found a news article from 1922 about a washerwoman from Toledo who had been living a very hard life scrubbing floors of the old Pythian Castle in downtown Toledo.  But then one day she got news that changed her life.  Mary Wiggins Schultz was 68 years old in August of 1922 when she learned that two wealthy uncles from the East, both bachelors, left her their entire estate of $375,000.  A sum that would probably be worth several millions dollars, at least, in today’s dollars. Mary Schultz was reportedly thrilled with the news and said she had known only a hard life for all of her years, saying she had scrubbed the floors of the Pythian Castle so much on her hands and knees that her knees would get blistered.  The New York Times article quoted her as saying she would also,” iron, wash and scrub and do anything” to help rear her family.   I’m not sure what ever happened to Mary Schultz, but one can only assume she went on to live out a more comfortable life for the rest of her years. As for the Pythian Castle, it still stands in downtown Toledo, an empty and derelict orphan of our past. The next time I drive past it on Jefferson Avenue, I’ll think of Mary and all the floors she used to scrub inside.


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