Flying Saucers Reported At Lima!

November 7th, 1957. It was the height of the cold war and Russia had just sent two Sputnik satellites into earth’s orbit. Americans had their eyes turned skyward and south of Toledo, one night in 1957, some people reported seeing something strange in the heavens above. 

(LIMA, Ohio)   —   More than 10 people   reported to local law enforcement agencies near Lima that they had seen strange glowing objects in the air.  The Ohio State Patrol post at Lima says the sightings of the “unidentified flying objects” were at about 2:00 am. The Lima News reported that Glenn Morrison of Uniopolis reported seeing two objects that glowed red and exchanged signals with red and green and white lights as they hovered high in the sky north and east of Lima. 

The Patrol reports they had numerous calls from a wide area of people who reported seeing the lights and a “glowing red cloud”.  The Air Force, contacted for comment at Wright Patterson AFB at Dayton, said it was not sure if it was going to investigate but assured reporters there is no evidence of any kind that’s ever been discovered to verify the existence of any foreign or UFO’s from another planet.  The Air Force said it has investigated over 760 UFO sightings and most were easily explained by aircraft, meteors or hoaxes. 

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2 responses to “Flying Saucers Reported At Lima!

  1. guy madison

    i love your site but i need some help i live at 1602 biscayne dr my wife has been heari ng so foot steps and the kids have been seeing so objects im looking to find some info on this house i do know it was made in the 1930s i have some weird pics ive taken with a thermal cam i how you can help me

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