1931: Malinta Meteor Mystery

     When it happened in the early morning hours of June 10th, 1931, the incident made news around the world. And to this day, no one is quite sure what it was.  The initial reports from tiny Malinta in Henry County, stated that a giant meteor had rocked this small rural community breaking many windows, snapping trees and utility poles. Homes and business were shaken as far away as Columbus.  One wire service reported that residents claimed the meteor crater was 10 feet wide and five feet deep, discovered about a quarter of a mile north of town on the Henry Pohlman farm.  The blast knocked out Malinta’s communication which was cut off for several hours afterward. 

But 79 years later, few residents are alive who remember that day that Malinta became front page news. But there are now several other competing theories as to what might have caused this powerful explosion. One of them is that some nervous bank robbers were trying to get rid of some nitro glycerine and detonated it.  And it was also speculate that it could have been an earthquake, while latter reports offer up the theory that the explosion was the result of a comet fragment explosion. Within days after the big blast, several newspaper reported, including the Adrian Telegram, that in the crater. there was no evidence of meteoric rock  nor was there any evidence of impact or  high heat.  One expert said that judging from the size of the crater, it would have been a small meteor and there was too much surrounding damage for it to have been that small.

So the mystery remains. Just what was it that shook the region on that early summer morning in Northwest Ohio?



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