Where is Toledo’s Danny Thomas Statue?

I read in the Blade this morning that this week, on the 21th anniversary of his death, Toledo native, comedian Danny Thomas is getting his own postage stamp.  And  as well he should, for Danny Thomas (Amos Jacobs), was truly     deserving.  This Toledo icon was not just a great entertainer, but a great humanitarian whose legacy lives on at St. Judes Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Memphis, which he founded in 1962.  That facility will celebrate its 50th year of operation this year and I note that last summer a new statue of Toledo’s native son was unveiled in front of St. Judes as they prepare for this year’s celebration. (Photo with family members Jun, 2011)

That photo brought to mind that at one time Toledo had a statue to Danny at the Danny Thomas Park on Broadway in South Toledo (That location I never understood, because Thomas grew up in North Toledo).   Toledo’s statue to Danny, however, was vandalized sometime in the 1980’s and removed from the park.  But in 1991, after his death, there were promises by Mayor John McHugh to have it restored and “displayed prominently ” in the city. If that happened, then where is it?  Maybe you know?  Let us know. Or is the statue benignly stuck away someplace, out of sight, out of mind?  I’m eager to know and in the meantime, we’ll make further inquiries as to its whereabouts. Maybe this would be a good time for Toledo to make room for Danny’s statue?


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