Day by Day in Toledo- New Edition-2023. Now, A New Book by Lou Hebert.

 A decade after the publication of the original Day by Day in Toledo, how about a new edition?   New and improved with 120 more pages of daily items of interest from the past, and many more photos and images.

Day by Day – The New Edition 2023 is now available and ready to read.

Once again,  in putting the new edition together,  I endeavored to find the stories about things that ocurred in the Toledo and Northwest Ohio area that have been largely forgotten, but still interesting and perhaps still relevant today. Some are mysterious, some tragic, some humorous, or shocking.  Like the story of a young woman who fell five stories from the Secor Hotel and only sprained her ankle.   Or the man who designed and built Lincoln’s funeral car in 1865 was a Toledoan with a very familiar name.  There are stories of heroism and honor; Toledo soldiers Alexander Drabik, Jacob Chandler, Carl Winzler, and Robert Craig in World War Two.  Young men who exemplified what courage means on a battlefield.  There are more stories of women who made a difference in our city and the world, like Pauline Steinem, (Gloria’s grandmother), Linda Jefferson, Rose la Rose, Ella Stewart, Policewoman Margaret Slater, the “Rosie the Riveters”,  and the mother of the Peristyle, Florence Libbey.  Of course the days of the past would be be complete without the stories that also brouht tears.  Stories of tragedy. The terrible accidents, the deadly epidemics, the fatal fires, the foul crimes and the felons who commited them. They too occupy space in the book of our past. We ignore them at our peril.  But Day by Day New Edition  is also filled with stories of triumph, such as the great encampment of the Civil War veterans in 1908 when the streets filled with thousands of Union soliders from all over the nation, or the elation of the city when guns of World Wars fell silent at long last.  In writing this edition, I’ve been impressed with the stories of so many good people that time has placed in the margins of memory, like George Pearson and S.P. Jermain, both proponents of the parks we enjoy today. Or George Ketcham who gave us the Valentine Theater and the great race horse Cresceus, one of the fastest harness racers that ever lived. And the story of the men and women who stood up in solidarity to form unions and fight for collective bargaining and in doing so, helped inspire a nation of workers to rally for their rights.  Not to be trite, but Day by Day New Edition with well over 2,000 individual articles of note and hundreds of photos, is a celebration of the story that is Toledo and the Maumee Valley. A history that is rich and delicious. When you read it, I hope that you too, will be proud to call Toledo “home”.

 You’ll not only find thousands of enlightening entries and factoids about the Toledo area, but a wide selection of photographs to help illustrate Toledo’s storied past.  If you would like a signed copy of Day by Day in Toledo- New Edition, you can order one directly through by clicking the Buy Now button.

Thanks for reading, Lou Hebert. (soon, I will have an Ebook edition available too- stay tuned)

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3 responses to “Day by Day in Toledo- New Edition-2023. Now, A New Book by Lou Hebert.

  1. Carolyn Lewis

    Elmer wiilliams is my Uncle. His father Tom Williams was a well known writer and reporter at the Elmer wrote for the Detroit Times when he left Toledo. His brother Ray Williams Detroit news..was the city editor in the 1950’s ..Elmers hobby was making violins which he also played. He was an artist in many ways.

    • Thanks you so much for letting us know about your Uncle Elmer Williams. He must have been a truly unique and remarkable individual and it sounds as if the writing talents were a family virtue. Do you know if Elmer ever wrote a novel or anything other than his columns and news stories?

  2. Sharon Midgley

    Are you writing another book? Hoping for a book about the Tenderloin & asst. criminals

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