Giant Skeletons Unearthed In Ohio

Here’s something I ponder. Why, were there so many reports in the 19th and early 20th century of giant skeletons being unearthed throughout the Americas? After World War Two, however, those reports appear to stop, for no particular reason. Scans of early newspapers from that era show a large number of these stories being printed and most seem to indicate these skeletons of “super humans” ranged from 7 feet to 9 feet tall.  They were reputed to be likely from some ancient aboriginal culture that predated the “modern” Native American.  Often the remains were found in groups, sometimes buried in circles or other types of configurations suggesting a ritual burial scene. These reports were quite common and in Ohio, often suggested that they may have been the remains of the mysterious culture of mound builders. I have found several news accounts of such giant skeletons being found in the Toledo area and especially near the shore of Lake Erie.

Here are a couple of couple of published examples of such stories from about a century ago in Ohio.

(from the New Philadelphia newspaper, The Ohio Democrat)
Skeleton of a Man Seven Feet in Height
Found by Workmen Digging a Cellar.

TIFFIN, Nov. 18. — While engaged in excavating a cellar on Webster Street the workmen exhumed a mammoth
skeleton, indicating that the individual who formerly possessed the osseous frame- work was over seven feet in height Whether it was that of a white man or an Indian could not be definitely ascertained, as most of the bones crumbled soon after being exposed to the air, and before they could be examined by those conversant with the method’s of distinguishing the skeletons of the
aborigines from those of their white brothers. Certain it is that the remains had been interred so long as to spoil
every chance for a sensation based upon some half traditional or wholly mythical tragedy. *

(Wire Service report in Janesville Wisconsin Newspaper, 1904.

Interesting Relic of Ancient Mound
Builders Is Discovered In Ohio.

Springfield, O., April 7.—A giant skeleton of a man has been unearthed on the Woolverton farm, a short distance
from Tippocanoe City. It measures eight feet from tho top of the leg to the ankles, the feet being
missing. The skull Is large enoughto fit as a helmet over the average man’s head. This skeleton was one of
seven found buried In a circle, their feet being pointed toward the center. Crude implements were near. The
skeletons are thought to be those of mound builders.

For the hundreds of these reports I’ve found, I cannot find any recent reports of where these bones might be or whatever happened to them or the “scientific investigations of reputable archeologists who studied. I don’t mention that to suggest a conspiracy theory but do find it rather curious. If you do, let me know.



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9 responses to “Giant Skeletons Unearthed In Ohio

  1. The Smithsonian has seized most of the giant skeletons. “Reputable” archaeologist do not want to draw attention to the mounds that they receive millions of dollars in grant money to destroy. Meanwhile after eradicating thousands of burial mounds the “reputable” archaeologists don’t know who the mound builders were, where they came from, nor where they went.
    If you want more on giants go here
    Since the archaeologist dispute the giants ever existing and the press has their head up the universities arse, then the truth will never be told, by the media anyway. If the university told the press the sky was green, the next day the press would print as the fact and the truth.

  2. Jay

    Giants do two things that the scientific community doesn’t like. 1) They don’t fit in with the evolution lie. 2) They lend credence to Biblical history as giants are mentioned several times throughout the Bible.

    If you were an archaeologist and made a discovery that you knew for certain would cause your friends/coworkers to mock and discredit you there is a good chance you would not make this discovery.

  3. @Nephilim Chronicles and Jay: What a load of garbage. If an archaeologist made a discovery that proved that giants existed they would be the most famous archaeologist on the planet. Neither of you seem to understand how science works. If you’re that leery of the scientific method then maybe you should get off your computers and go live in a cave somewhere. You know, like they did before science made our lives better.

  4. when I was in texas, around corpus Christi, (Premont area,about 60 miles from CC) I came upon a museum, and they spoke about Indians “texas Indians” that were over 6 ft tall…so go figure…realize its not 7-8 feet…but you get my point…check it out.

  5. P.S. “There are more things in heaven and earth’ than in all mans philosophys….we think we know everything, there are mysteries and miracles all around us…even if we find some things…there will always be someone saying, oh that’s not true, real,or whatever…everyone seems to forget, (in the bible) when the angels found the women of earth beautiful,and they coupled and had zee babies,lol…when the flood came,(Noah & the arc) the angels left the earth(and there earthly bodies) and high tailed it back to where ever they came from (just like a man,lol) so sure…why wouldn’t there be giants? theres probably all kinds of goodies, right under Topanga blvd, where I live ….lol and maybe a large thigh bone of a brontosaurus…right next to the taco bell.

  6. Rufus Defibaugh

    Giant bones have been found in virtually every county here in Ohio. When I was growing up, I read in the archives of the Sidney Daily News (Shelby County) where the bones of several “indians” were found on a farm in Sidney, and one was well over seven feet in height.

    In neighboring Auglaize County, around lake Saint Mary’s there was bones of excessively tall people found as well— Logan County also has mounds, which are sealed off from the public, and for all we know may contain such bones as well. That’s just speculation though.

  7. julie ross

    July 29, 2016
    I just watched the Ancient Aliens episode the Prototypes.
    i have a hard time believing in the idea that there are aliens interfering with our planet.
    There is to much speculation and no concrete evidence.
    I do find it more probable that there were many different humans species, as well as other varieties of animals, insects, etc..
    This world and the universe is full of diversity.
    I love learning about new things real or imagined.
    However, I hope I can tell the difference

  8. Jimmy Giant

    Short answer: They were all fakes and people stopped reporting them. you all need to read Andy White’s factual research on ‘giants’

    • Thanks Jimmy. Interesting read and research from Andy White. Compelling. I’ve been inclined to think that the reports of “Giants”
      were akin to latter day reports of UFO’s. Lou

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